We are the steel structures manufacturer. We design, prepare and install.

We consider each project individually. We adjust the dimensions of buildings like height, width, length, roof’s angle of inclination and framework gauge thanks to our close cooperation with the investor.

We have our own equipment used to the steel structures installation as well as to build constructions including sandwich panels and trapezoidal profiles.

We design, prepare and install:

- Warehouses
- Production halls;
- Freezers;
- Farm buildings;
- Aeronautical buildings;
- Stables;
- Riding areas;
- Other objects made in steel structures technology;

These objects are characterized by:

- Short construction time;
- Low costs;
- Optional spans with only a few or no props;
- The ability of the hall enlargement by adding more frameworks (‘spans’);

Our own design office allows us to optimize the steel constructions in terms of strength, functional and weight at the stage of preparing the initial concept.



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